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A Disney's Gargoyles Fan Fiction Resource Website

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Site created and compiled December 9 2001 (GMT + 12:00)

Hi, I'm Demelza, welcome to this website... 'A Disney's Gargoyles Fan Fiction Resource Website'...

The creation of this website came as I wondered if there was such a website out there to more assist Gargoyles' Fan Fiction Author's with a varying type of Resources in their writing processes. For different styles, grammar, plot, character development... etc.. My hopes for this website are to create a fully fledged website dedicated to help fellow Fan's (and new comers to the fandom) in the writing of their stories. I will be searching the web for as many different resources as I can, and from all sorts of areas in the development processes of writing.

If at all you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel more than welcome to post me a message at If you have any Gargoyles related, or other Writing resources that are not here, and would like to see them listed, please feel free submit them to the Webmistress.

Gargoyles Resource Sites TOP
The Gargoyles Encyclopedia
Lost Tales III: Gargoyles
The Gargoyles Fan Website
Station Eight - Ask Greg

Character Development TOP
Writing Fiction - Character Development
Creative Writing Tutorial - Character Development
Names and Character Development
Writing technique: character development
Character Development in Fiction
Full Character Sheet
(coming soon)

Parts of Speech
Writing Lesson - Do's and Don'ts of Writing Dialogue
Writing Dialogue

Lemons - Writing Adult Fanfiction... With a Plot!
The Craft of Writing - Plot
Writing 301: Plot - Character vs. Plot
Writing a Good Plot Outline
e-Writers.Net: Writing Tips / Plot

General Writing
WritersNet (sm)
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

List of Dictionaries

Grammar and Style Guides
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Online Writing Lab
Grammar Handbook
Grammar Resources on the Web

Libraries and Reference Desks
Writing Techniques Handbook
Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
Facts and Reference: Best Source for Facts on the Net -
The Internet Public Library

10 Big Myths about copyright explained


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